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Saturday January/12,/2019 - 6:00AM (UTC) Conarchy - ( - History teaches and demonstrates that it is not possible to improve the living conditions of the majority of the world's population without reorganizing human society in a completely new and independent way from current institutions, including national states and their international organizations. We need to form a social structure based on cooperation, a political structure that allows the effective participation of peoples in the choices of general interest and an economic structure in which each does according to their possibilities and receives according to their needs, without excesses. More than six years ago we have developed and proposed a plan to achieve these objectives ( And now that plan is more current than ever, indeed indispensable. If we really want to prevent the situation from becoming irreversible, we must act. And we have very little time. So, we invite everyone to participate, starting immediately to use and let use EkaBank (, with this effect Thursday, December 27, 2018 - 6:50 AM (UTC) - The purpose of EkaBank - Since it has never been possible to really transfer wealth from those who have too much (much more than necessary) to those who have too little or have nothing, the only way to redistribute wealth is to give money to those who need it to live and / or for work and produce new wealth. The ideal solution would be to adopt a new universal currency to be freely distributed in equal parts to every human being to re-establish as much as possible initial conditions and allow everyone to do according to their abilities and to receive according to their needs. But this solution, while being logical and simple, is hardly perceptible and can only be adopted after a transitory phase in which the coins currently in use are used differently from the past. This is why EkaBank, a credit system to give money on trust, without guarantees, without interest and without expenses. This is the purpose of EkaBank.

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